Untold Stories About the Future and the Past

I'm writing to discover untold stories for years. Now, I have an alternative motivation to tell different stories about technology, products, places and music.
Stories about Future, Technology, Product, Places and Music

I’m writing to discover untold stories for years. Sometimes, I find out that they are already told but do not care a lot about them. Now, I have an alternative motivation to tell stories about technology, products, places and music, which combine my feelings about the past and the future.

“We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.”
Anais Nin

I am writing this because this is the first post I am preparing for this new blog, new style, and I am fully motivated to find exciting things to learn and teach. I hope the readers enjoy it.

And, here is the summary of what I will write;

Technology Reviews

I’m a tech enthusiast since I was a child. The first gadget I looked at every detail of it was the television remote control. I’ve pressed every button to see the output, and I learned many things because I was not afraid to try. 

Now, I do have a lot of technology products to tell stories. I can give the below examples, and I will try to find similar questions. 

  • What is the best screen recording app for Mac OS? 
  • The new AI-based music streaming app Endel to focus, sleep and study. 
  • How do I use IFTTT to automate my social life. 
  • The new trend in technology: Health. How can we find the best health technology apps to live a better life?
  • The best habit app to get things continuously done
  • The best iPad app to produce music, and why? 

Every curiosity arises from these kinds of questions that I always ask myself. And I’ll share my experiences there. I hope you’ll enjoy it. 

Product Reviews

Yes, I buy products like most of you. I love to test smart technology products and trying to use them efficiently. My biggest motivation is to help people find the right product, not wasting money as I did in the past. 

Some of the examples I’ll try to find answers is below: 

  • What is the cheapest smart scale to measure BMI, body fat, water, protein ratio?
  • Is the new iPad Pro our new computer? 
  • Why do I still love my Blackberry Key2 smartphone?
  • My thoughts on Focusrite Scarlett Solo 

We’ll test some new products together, and I’ll, of course, share influencer’s opinions from Youtube channels. I’m always digging for the best videos and resources to learn. 

Places Reviews

I travel a lot and love to see new places, new people and tasting fresh food. I’ll share these experiences with joy and will add the best photos from these places to help people have a better idea before experiencing it. I love to take pictures and archive these photos with Google Photos, a fantastic app to find the past; Google knows every detail in every shot, so it can easily categorise the places, the products, so I’ll use it a lot.

Music Reviews

I listen to music a lot, test many apps, and have accounts at Tidal, Apple Music, and Spotify. I love to listen to my mp3’s with the VOX music app. So I discover a lot, and I believe sharing is caring. 

I also produce music for years, so I know about music production, and I am still learning a lot of things about using technology to create music. 

I test and try to learn a lot of new mobile music apps to find something new. I spent hours at Splice, Ableton and Logic. 

There is much more to share about music and music production that I want to produce quality content and share my new finding with you with pleasure. 

To sum up, these are my life stories—technology, products, places, and music. So, I’m excited to share exciting stories on this blog, and I’m sure we’ll learn many things together. Let the game begin!

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