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Raindrop is simply the best designed and most effective bookmark manager I've ever used.
Raindrop.io Bookmark Manager Cover

Some technology dies, some of them evolve, but only a few of them catches the soul of all the history of time. Raindrop is one of them. I always used browsers or tools to keep beneficial websites. Raindrop is the best designed bookmarking app that does its job well. 

Raindrop.io - Timeless & All in One Bookmarking Mobile App

Raindrop.io Features

  • Raindrop has usable browser extensions for safari chrome and firefox. 
  • You can save articles, images, texts, audio, video and PDF. 
  • Tagging and folder structure is flawless. All the folders are customisable with icon sets that it has a delicious look and feel. 
  • Every content saved is searchable. So you can find anything if you forget where you put it. 
  • Raindrop also has iOS, Android, Windows, Mac-native apps. 
  • Dark mode and light mode themes are available. 

Why Bookmarking is Still Helpful

You never forget. I’m saving a lot of content while I browse the web both on desktop and mobile. So, raindrop helps me to save this content to check it better. Alternative, I am saving content first, and then I consume it while I produce. 

I’m saving tutorial videos under the Ableton folder. I’m searching for themes for my blog and save them to use in the future or help others. I’m saving the marketing tools that I used when the right time comes. I save podcasts and youtube videos under the right folder to use them to learn something. Anyone can use this tool personally, but my biggest motivation is to save relevant content with a decent look & feel. 

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