The Future of Clubhouse Audio-Chat App.

Clubhouse is one of the new and most promising social networks which people are curios about its live audio-chat rooms. The app built its growth and marketing strategy on FOMO.
Clubhouse Audio-Chat App

Clubhouse Growth & Marketing Strategy

Clubhouse is one of the newest apps which everyone wondered about. It is an audio-chat application moderated by the room creators. It is simply coming together in an app to speak or listen about a subject digitally. What makes it interesting is no audio is recorded. What is spoken at these rooms stays at these rooms. It creates FOMO (fear of missing out), which creates more curiosity about this app.

Clubhouse setup its growth and marketing strategy on FOMO and curiosity. They launched the app iOS only, so all the Android users are waiting to join the app. Another FOMO marketing strategy is the application is onboarding users with the only invitation. Clubhouse also increases the number of invitation numbers of each user that they can give. Lastly, Clubhouse Founders are Paul Davison and Rohan Seth.

Clubhouse Rooms vs Podcasts

In my opinion, I still prefer podcasts and Youtube videos to learn new things, but it is interesting to listen to founders, famous people, digital startups executives in Clubhouse application. The availability to join the conversation and engage with the moderators and speakers is the thing that makes Clubhouse fun and exciting. I don’t have the motivation to open it every day, but I feel like an older man when I heard Snapchat first, which changed social media content creation behaviours.

So I expect Clubhouse audio-chat will be more popular soon.

Clubhouse Invitations

I’ve been invited to the app by my friend, and Clubhouse gives me invitations periodically to invite others; therefore, they also build a networking circle between its users. Invitation only to new technology products always creates a huge expectation, but I also remember some failed badly, like Google Wave. Being one of the first users also makes users special in that they also promote the app within close friends to expand its network, which is a fairly good strategy for growth.

Clubhouse’s Future Trends

Clubhouse got an amazing interesting current, but as I observed at Google Trends, the attention is going down. My opinion on that is there are not interesting rooms to stay at the app. It will probably increase when Clubhouse Android App is launched. Here are some graphs about Clubhouse’s search trends.

Clubhouse Search Trends

Below is the graph of the comparison of Clubhouse, Tiktok and Instagram Search trends by time. It seems that people are still dealing with downloading reels and TikTok videos to grow at these visual social networking sites.

Clubhouse vs Tiktok vs Instagram Search Trends

Below is the graph of the search trends of Clubhouse. Google’s data also expects a drop-down at the search trends. As I explained my opinion above, this graph can change with the launch of Clubhouse Android App. If famous people and influencers also boost the app that they will participate in a meeting arranged at Clubhouse, things can change. Elon Musk is a good example of that.

Clubhouse Google Search Trends

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