Streaks – Best App for Forming Habits

If you still believe technology can help form habits, Streaks can do this without much effort.Ā 
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Streaks is an iOS and Mac App, which I discovered recently to keep my daily health targets, but I found more than I expected. The most valuable about the app is that it has ready presets that automatically pull data from Health data to update the targetted habits. You can also manually set habits like “Don’t smoke” and complete them if you achieved them.

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Streaks Experience and Review

Streaks Pro’s

  • The app has a perfect user interface, so you enjoy the feeling it gives.
  • It has nice looking Apple widgets support.
  • You can customise the app as you wish. You can pick any colour theme you want.
  • The app though every detail about personal life, supports every kind of habit like healthy eating, drinking water, sports. It supports minutes, counts. If you target to read 15 min a day, you can trigger it with a timer within the app.
  • You can set the start and finish of the day to adapt to the time interval you need to complete your habits.
  • It keeps detailed stats so you can follow the count of best streaks, completion rate.
  • The best thing about the app is it connects to Apple Health so, and it automatically pulls data from Health. It automatically does its job with its connection.
  • There are various presets, so you can also pick the habits from the app. The app will easily help me find new habits, which is my favourite feature.
  • You pay only once! I do not enjoy subscribing to these kinds of apps and pay every month for using them.
  • It supports the Apple watch, and there are perfect home screen widget types that help you enjoy using the app.
  • You can get notifications whenever you want. You can pick the time.

Streaks Apple Watch Widgets

Streaks Con’s

  • There may be a scientific fact about this, but you are limited to enter 12 habits at a time. So, when you target to achieve these 12 habits and want to add another one, it is impossible to add it without deleting the current ones.

If you want to learn more about the Streaks app, simply follow the below link.

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