Shure MV5 – Best USB Microphone for Podcasting?

If you are researching the best microphone for Podcasting, I've purchased Shure MV5 and reviewed it. Here is my comments, Pro's and Con's about Shure MV5 microphone.
Shure MV5 USB Microphone

I was researching for a practical, easy to carry USB microphone for podcasting.  After various Youtube media consumption, I’ve decided to buy Shure MV5 due to a simple motivation. It is compatible with iPhone and Mac. Shure MV5 includes two different connection cables inside the package. One is USB A To Lightning, and the other one is USB C to USB A, so it covers all the devices I have, and it is good to go anywhere you want.

Shure MV5 Unboxing

For the iPhone, you need to download Shure MOTIV App to record voice and connect the microphone with the lightning to USB A cable. The results are pretty satisfying for its budget. I don’t have professional knowledge about recording, but this one is quite easy to setup.

The most important thing about listening to podcasts or watching Youtube videos is sound matters. So I don’t follow the podcasts or videos that are recorded with low-quality microphones.

My Shure MV5 Review

Shure MV5 Pro’s

  • Very Low Background Noise
  • Nice Design, aesthetics are fantastic. I preferred the black/red version.
  • Compatible with iOS, Mac and PC
  • Great Sound Quality for Podcasting or Youtubes
  • Easy to Use
  • Affordable Price

Shure MV5 Con’s

  • It does not have a USB-C connection.
  • Plastic Feeling, the quality of the material is not so satisfying.

If you want to learn Shure MV5 Price and wonder more about Shure MV5 Microphones, you can visit their official pages for more product photos, reviews and videos.

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