Clubhouse Audio-Chat App

The Future of Clubhouse Audio-Chat App.

Clubhouse is one of the new and most promising social networks which people are curios about its live audio-chat rooms. The app built its growth and marketing strategy on FOMO.

Meditopia Meditation App Post Cover

Meditopia – Best Meditation App for Relax, Resolve & Transcend

Meditopia is a meditation app with a mission helping people all over the world discover happiness within themselves.

Glorie Instrumental Rock Band from Memphis

Glorie – Instrumental & Experimental band from Memphis

Glorie, a music band from Memphis, produces acoustic, electric, and electronic sounds, draw inspiration from many genres, including rock, classical, and instrumental hip- hop.

Endel - Personalised Sounds Generator for Focus, Relax and Sleep

AI Driven Personalized Soundscapes Startup – is one of the most interesting startups that generates ai driven personalised sounds with the heart rate, weather, location data. Bookmark Manager Cover

Timess All in One Bookmarking App –

Raindrop is simply the best designed and most effective bookmark manager I’ve ever used.

Spotify and Shazam Apps to Discover New Music in the Background

How to Discover New Music in the Background

It is easy to discover new music with new technology apps like Shazam and Spotify. Just combine both, and they work for you to create special Playlists!

Stories about Future, Technology, Product, Places and Music

Untold Stories About the Future and the Past

I’m writing to discover untold stories for years. Now, I have an alternative motivation to tell different stories about technology, products, places and music.