Meditopia – Best Meditation App for Relax, Resolve & Transcend

Meditopia is a meditation app with a mission helping people all over the world discover happiness within themselves.
Meditopia Meditation App Post Cover

I’ve tested a lot of meditation & focus apps till now. If you are not aware that you need to focus only on the moment, they don’t work. Headspace, Calm are the ones that I have tried and deleted over time. What a pity.

I have tried Calm again and again. It heals, but you must have the motivation to heal your mind.

Meditopia is the app that succeeded that I rarely lose my motivation to stay in the moment. I targetted to heal my brain for 15 minutes a day which is fair enough.

β€œRule your mind or it will rule you.”

― Horace

My Meditopia Review

  • Meditating in my mother language is the key to focus the sounds and voices. They have Turkish language support, so I always enjoyed the moment I am meditating.
  • I enjoyed background music & sounds which is crucial to relax.
  • They have various stories that you find interesting to listen to. Because we have to confess we do have lots of bugs if wanna fix them, we can easily pick one topic to fix it.
  • Downloading is possible. You can continue meditating wherever you want.
  • Soothing voices and warm and sincere. It is open that they are being spoken to by good professionals that really loves his/her work.
  • They cover topics: Mindfulness, Stress, anxiety, sleep, motivation, focus, compassion and gratitude. They are the problems of this age. Nice selections.

Meditation is new for most of us, but it is one of the topics we discovered after technology made it possible to reach anyone on the earth. Learning this new habit will be an exciting activity for all of us.

Meditopia Clubhouse Meetings

I suddenly saw that Clubhouse founders and the owners of the app’s voices are having a meeting at Clubhouse, which is a very modern & classy marketing strategy to learn more about meditating. It was one of the most promising moments about this new Clubhouse app, which I gladly enjoy.

Clubhouse is a new social networking app based on audio-chat. The app does not record and publish anything, so what happens at the moments stays at the moment.Β 

Meditopia Apps and Premium Account

I wouldn’t say I like test 1 week for free and pay huge money for a week or month pricing model, but I caught an outstanding deal before the end of the previous year, so I bought a lifetime subscription. Meditopia has weekly/monthly, and yearly plans.

I absolutely recommend buying a premium plan as you’ll benefit a lot from all the features they have.

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