Is Flipboard Still the Best News Reader?

Flipboard is still one of the best news reader which gives perfect usability and personalisation functions.

I was a big fan of news apps in the past, but nowadays, I am aware that I need to consume only important news to live a healthy life. Due to this fact, you choose the apps that you customise the tags, sources or topics you only want to follow.

Flipboard is probably the most known news aggregator app, but I wasn’t using it for years. I gave it another chance and downloaded it. The technology and filtering options got a lot better but let me summarise why Flipboard still seems the best newsreader in terms of technology.

Flipboard App

Flipboard Pro’s

  • You can follow local sources.
  • You can search and follow any topics you want.
  • For You section personalises the news you want to see. It works very well.
  • You can follow any magazine.
  • You can pick any country you want so that you can find local magazines and resources.
  • User Interface is still the best, and flipping is sexy to consume news.

Flipboard Con’s

  • I can’t find local writers, blogs if they didn’t add their content to Flipboard. The main and only con is that they didn’t localise the app for specific countries.
  • Flipboard Android widget still seems old fashioned.

Best Flipboard Alternative

  • Bundle News

I use Bundle for years for a bunch of reasons. Although Flipboard gives a better feeling while using the app, Bundle truly localised their news app with local blogs, local newspapers, local columns & opinion writers. They also use mobile push notifications better and gives breaking and the latest news at the right time.

Flipboard’s Future Trends & Insights

  • Flipboard still gets ~8M traffic/month according to similar web data. Most of the app’s traffic is from United States, United Kingdom, Canada, France and Germany.

Flipboard Traffic Insights

  • Flipboard Google search trend is decreasing. It is not a big surprise because Flipboard still does not specialise itself in topics and locals. Therefore, new apps serving specific industries and news topics may get more attention compared to Flipboard.

Flipboard Google Trends

Most searched keywords are Remove Flipboard and How to Turn Off Flipboard and similar keywords around these. I think that is because they’ve built in their apps for big brands like Samsung etc. I also don’t prefer these native built-in apps, so this is a bad welcome. Users are removing the app quickly without testing it.

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