How to Sync Apple Health Data with Android Devices

Google Fit will sync health data between iPhone, Apple Watch and Android devices if you are using both operating systems.
How to Sync Apple Health Data with Android Devices

If you are a technology enthusiast, using both iOS – Android phones and loving Apple Watch and want to use it for Android phones, Google Fit will sync all your health data for both operating systems. To illustrate, if you are doing an activity on your iPhone, you’ll also be able to track it from the Google fit application on your Android device. I am sure there are technology enthusiasts like me, so Google Fit’s iOS app will fix syncing health data.

Of course, this is a unique case for two device users. This case is also valid for Android, so if you prefer Android smartwatch and using iOS and Apple devices, Google will connect to Apple Health, so you’ll share your data with Apple and Google both.

Follow the below link to visit Google Fit to download it for your iOS or Android device.

I wanted to fix this problem because I live in different countries at different times, so I change devices. I’m using smartwatches and enjoy keeping track of my activity data to stay healthy.

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