How to Discover New Music in the Background

It is easy to discover new music with new technology apps like Shazam and Spotify. Just combine both, and they work for you to create special Playlists!
Spotify and Shazam Apps to Discover New Music in the Background

If you are using the Shazam and Soundhound apps like me, it is pretty easy to discover new music when you hear it.
You can configure it automatically to record every song with the Shazam app by just long-pressing its Shazam button. So, the app will save every piece found in the background.

The next step is connecting the Shazam account to the Spotify account, so Spotify will save the music discovered to the playlist created.

Thanks to Spotify music algorithms, you can also add recommended songs to this playlist when you listen to it. You can find this playlist in the left menu as “My Shazam Tracks”. You can change the name and logo etc., however you wish.

How to Find Similar Music?

  • Download Shazam App
  • Connect your Spotify account to Shazam, playlist will be created automatically.
  • Long press Shazam button
  • Enjoy your new Spotify playlist.
  • Add some fresh songs from recommendations.

So when you are somewhere playing fantastic songs or listening to a very niche radio that plays memorable selection songs, activate Auto Shazam and enjoy your Spotify playlist!

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