Glorie – Instrumental & Experimental band from Memphis

Glorie, a music band from Memphis, produces acoustic, electric, and electronic sounds, draw inspiration from many genres, including rock, classical, and instrumental hip- hop.
Glorie Instrumental Rock Band from Memphis

Glorie, an instrumental and experimental band, is one of my ancient discovered music groups that I always enjoyed listening to. Their music has a strong melody background that I mostly listened to them while I travel, read or focus. They have a few listeners, as I observe at Soundcloud.

I enjoy these kinds of discoveries that do not have fame which makes me special. The sad fact about these bands is that they don’t continue producing music.

The recorded two albums named Falling in 2012 and Glorie in 2011, I’ve recently discovered Falling, but I have listened to the first album Glorie for years, I still keep it in my music archive folders. ย Glorie album has an emotional ambience that includes touching melodies and guitar riffs.

Glorie – Falling (2012)

Falling, recorded in 2012 that shows off heir classical influence, with the string section taking on a prominent role.

Glorie – Glorie (2011)

Glorie is the first EP in 2011, which is a self-titled debut album. Glorie creates a thick wall of sound with a cinematic quality that is influenced by driving rhythms and diverse instrumentation, including lush strings, guitar, piano, electric piano, and vibraphone.

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