9 iOS Health Apps to Build Healthy Routines

These 9 apps are the ones that I use to maintain a healthy lifestyle. You can monitor your health metrics, track your fitness progress, sleep quality and healthy eating habits.
10 iOS Health Apps to Build Healthy Routines

I am trying to adapt my healthy routines to apps for years. It never worked. Technology does not heal us, to be honest. You are healing yourself, and technology may ease this transition period. If you want to be healthy, technology and mobile apps can help with the help of up to date smartphones and smartwatches.Β 

I use iPhone and Apple Watch to track health progress, organise and access my health information. Below are the apps that I use daily.Β 

  • Apple Health

All the data I generate is accumulated at the Apple Health app. Health app consolidates all the information from Apple health apps and third-party apps and displays all in the Health app. So you can follow all the information like sleep, steps, water intake, activity, blood oxygen, cardio fitness, heart rate, toothbrushing and lots of others on one app.Β 

  • Strava

I use Strava for workouts, walking, cycling tracks. It is flawless to monitor and compare activities with the previous periods. It keeps daily stats to monitor and compare current effort with the previous weeks, months etc. You can set yearly goals for any activity. Cycling screens and stats are perfect. You can also monitor heart rate activity if you connect a sensor or a smartwatch. It is also a huge sports social network.

  • Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle is the app to monitor my sleep. It has a smart waking up alarm. It recorded sounds and identifies them whether you are talking or snoring. The app measures the regularity, sleep quality, sleep time intervals. The best thing about Sleep Cycle is comparing your sleep data with your country and seeing how other countries sleep.

They have a superb website that includes various stats about sleep in the world. You can observe how many sleeps right now, average sleep time, average sleep quality and country based best & worst sleep quality most.

  • Meditopia

In my opinion, Meditopia is the best meditation app in the app store market. You can heal your brain and mental health to fix your injuries through the life adventure. Fixing it will help to develop a healthy lifestyle a lot. What makes Meditopia is the top meditation app is you can meditate in your own language. They care about quality content a lot and choose related professionals to tell the stories.

  • Wakeout

Wakeout is the iPhone app of the year for 2020, which has fun and beneficial simple activities for the body. You can quickly start active-break minutes with video content. It is straightforward to follow the app content and stay active during the day. There are home workouts, workplace workouts, travel workouts, outdoor workouts that you don’t have any excuse for not staying active!

  • WaterMinder

Waterminder is the best water intake tracking app because you can customise any drink you take, like coffee, tea, soda etc. It supports Apple Watch. It has very nice iPhone widgets to insert water intake easily and easily follow daily water drinking habits.

  • Yazio

Yazio is my favourite calorie counter app which has decent features for a healthier life. There a lot of recipes to maintain a healthy diet. You can customise food intake however, you wish, and you can find every single food’s calorie information to measure the daily calorie intake.

  • Healthview

Healthview is an alternative general Health stats about to check all the health data at a different layout. I downloaded this app for widgets to monitor all health & fitness progress. Another useful thing about this app is it has a nice Apple Watch extension that I add to the Watch face. You can customise any layout however you wish.

  • Streaks

Streaks is the best habit tracking app with an excellent, flawless layout. It is very to find and manage habits. You can set health habits with the presets, and the app automatically follows these targets with Apple Health connection. So, if you target 10.000 steps a day, and complete it, the app automatically completes it on that day.

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